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 2017 秋季優惠 10月1日至11月30日前截止!

* 成人 ESL 課程全面8折優惠, 報名4週以上額外加送免註冊費 CAD$150

* 工作假期簽證持有人在簽證有效內也可享有報名4週以上免註冊費。(需提供POE及申請表和護照)

2017 Fall Promotion which will be starting from October 1 until November 30, 2017.

  • Adult ESL Students qualify for ESL Registration Fee Waiver with a minimum 4 weeks booking of                       Intensive  English or Power English. 
  • Working Holiday Visa Holders also enjoy Free Registration Fee promotion with a minimum 4 weeks                     booking in the entire year. (POE is required along with application form and passport)

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